Fashion Stylist and Accountability Coach, Stephanie Rumble, founder of BrightRed, is one of New Zealand’s leading personal stylists and makeover specialists. BrightRed offers a range of styling and makeover services including:  personal styling, corporate styling, fashion event management, public speaking and accountability health and wellness coaching.

BrightRed has advised and helped many New Zealander’s just like you and has made a profound,  often life changing difference for many people who want to not only look better but struggle with their self image, health and wellness.


Do you want to save money and look the person you really are?…

Have you opened your wardrobe and thought you had nothing to wear?
Have you purchased something that you loved in the shop only to get home and find it wasn’t right?
Do you struggle with your self image and weight?
Are you stuck in the ‘black’ trap?
Do you feel ‘wrong’ in your clothes?

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