Accountability Coaching

For such along time I have worked with people who look fabulous in their clothes with clever styling and placement of colour and the right shaped garments BUT who have lacked confidence in themselves.  In almost all cases it has been because they are not comfortable about their weight and bodies.  As a result of this I have developed a program where I work with you to change your mindset around food,  nutrition, stress and sleep choices.  What sets this program aside from others is that I am not advocating any diets or extreme exercise programs – we work to fit things into your lifestyle and habits.   And it really does work.

My clients tell me that they have made a mental and biological shift in their habits and as a result they usually need a whole new wardrobe to fit their new body!!

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What is Accountability Coaching?

Accountability coaching is being held accountable to your choices around your health in a kind and caring way.  Its having that person who understands,  walks beside you,  listens when you are struggling and helps pick you up when you are down and gets you into the right headspace to make healthy choices.

In most cases the people I work with want to lose weight to get into a healthy place.  Weight loss is about connection, mindset and knowing there is someone there who understands the battle.   I can relate to most peoples circumstances as I have had 4 children in 5 years and I battled through my 20’s and 30’s with disordered eating and exercise habits.  I am now in a healthy, happy and well place and can share my knowledge with you in a constructive way.  I am here to help pick you up and keep you on track.

I have also worked for 27years in the fitness industry as a Registered Fitness Professional (REPSNZ) group exercise instructor.   I have studied many programs and worked with thousands of people over that time and I know what works for a busy lifestyle when you are time poor and just need someone supportive.

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I am a 54 year old menopausal women. My husband & I own a busy joinery business with 15 staff. I handle the finance, HR & whatever else gets thrown at me. We have a 14 year old daughter who is involved in a lot of activities so I guess you could say I am your typical busy working mum. A few years ago I got a handle on my weight through weight watchers & was feeling great. This didn’t really involve regular exercise though so even though I was skinny, I wasn’t fit. Slowly but surely the weight came back on! When Stephanie’s email came through I pondered for a while then thought, bugger it!!!! I’m gonna commit to this. I have now lost 10kgs and reached my 60kg goal. Yes it is nice to fit back into my skinny clothes – actually it feels pretty bloody fantastic. The big shift for me though is my fitness. I am loving the exercise!!! Have never felt like that before, not ever!!! I actually get a little cranky if I haven’t exercised. I am sleeping better, coping with stress better & I feel overall I’m a nicer person to be around. And just to show off a little – got into my size 8 jeans this morning.

So thank you Steph for your guidance, support & inspiration.


It is with heartfelt gratitude that I recommend Stephanie Rumble from Bright Red as an accountability coach and mentor. She has helped me achieve results I never thought possible, and truly turned my life around so I can play at my best. Her approach is genuinely caring, while being challenging enough to get lasting results. Her solutions not only work, but are enjoyable and tailored to my situation. Steph is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met, with such a massive capacity to help others. If you have tried everything only to be disappointed, I can’t recommend her highly enough to help you turn it around for good too.  I have lost 16 kgs and four clothes sizes over the past 4 months and have never felt better in myself.


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