Hi Stephanie – I was one of the clients you saw as part of a group booking at Dress for Success towards the end of last year. For me the results have been amazing and I have received more compliments in 6 months than I had in the past 10 years. (Once I recovered from the fact that orange was NOT my colour!)

- Mandy

Hi Stephanie. I have had the most awesome couple of days with the shopping and having my hair and make-up done as well as the photo shoot. Thank you SO much. I tried my outfits on today and again had forgotten how much I had! I also had another look in my shoe ‘closet’ and found a pair of black ankle boots that fit well so well pleased. I think you said not to wear them with  skirt or dress? Also could west 3/4 boots with my jeans or pants? Just seen the photos. Love my outfits and ‘look’. THANKYOU. 🙂 x

- Debs

I love that I have my little purse of colours that suit me and I can carry around in my handbag! It’s actually amazing how many colours, already in my wardrobe, fit in – so I’m going to start wearing them instead of stashing them away!

I have already found a couple of pieces that I love and have bought, and I feel more confident wearing colour now – so, yes, having my colours done was very handy!!

- Kineta

Thanks heaps for everything for Cup Day. I have had heaps of people ask me for your details, they all say you did an amazing job, so well done.

- Aimee

I thought I would offer thanks on behalf of a husband.

Like many mums, my wife always took last place in the clothing stakes. She always makes an effort to look good. As we struggled with 3 young uns, a new house ( we have moved and built 3 times in 5 years), no money, no sleep and all the other, she became increasingly “invisible”. Her lack of self belief impacted all over our relationship and provided some considerable challenges.

I could tell her how beautiful she was, but until she believed it herself, my words were never fertile.I encouraged her to do the makeover and she has a whole new look and attitude / confidence to match. So why the big spiel? Because all too often, people who do an exceptional job, never get properly acknowledged.

This has been an extraordinary journey for Helen: You have helped her believe in herself again as a woman, not just a mum. And I just wanted to say thanks as best I could.

- Brett

I am really enjoying the clothes thanks. I even went back and got the grey dress that same day! I have had the skirt and trousers adjusted. Thanks for all your help. A couple of friends popped out at the weekend to see my purchases and were very impressed.

- Caroline

Thanks Steph! What a fantastic experience. My wardrobe has never looked so bright and cheerful, and its so easy to mix and match different pieces together. My winter coat is my favourite! I will highly reccomend your service to all my friends and family.

- Suzy

I just had to let you know how fabulous I feel after all the work you have done with me over the last few months culminating in our shopping trip last night. I got up this morning and had no trouble choosing what to wear. Everything in my wardrobe goes together and suits not only my colouring but also my body shape. Thank you so much Steph, the whole process has made me feel more confident than I did even before I had my children! I will definitely have you back to Tauranga again in the spring to help me!

- Rachel

We asked Stephanie to do a presentation relating to image and perception for our store managers at our yearly national managers meeting. Stephanie was energetic, informative and engaging. Her presentation was educational, but was well balanced with plenty of opportunities for feedback and humour. We had three guest speakers during the 2 day conference and Stephanie was easily the most popular and well received presenter we employed. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending stephanie.

Simon Thwaites – Managing Director, Silvermoon

- Simon (Corporate)

Just a quick email to say a big THANK YOU for today! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and have just had a few moments to start trying on my new purchases and organising my wardrobe.  You are amazing at what you do, I really appreciate what you have done for my husband and I.

- Kathy

Just to say thank you for changing my life!  I have never been a shopper but after I left your house I was on a mission and my colours seemed to jump out at me!

I still have daily comments isn’t that so amazing…makes you feel so good.

So well done you!

- Jude

Thank you so much for all your feedback and advice throughout my design process.  Thanks for giving up so much of your time; your willingness to help me and enthusiasm towards my work was greatly appreciated.

- Amelia

I woke up smiling today!  It’s been wonderful to reflect on last night and recall many fun/memorable moments.  To also have had many favourable and complimentary comments about how much people enjoyed the evening has been just as wonderful.  I knew we could do it!

We have much to be thankful to you for and I do want to acknowledge you for that.  Your enthusiasm as a presenter is infectious – a huge contributing factor to the guests getting into the mood that we so wanted.  Your skills and wit definitely contributed to us getting very good bids for the auction items.
I loved looking around the auditorium and seeing people really enjoying themselves (guests and helpers included).  It made the night so enjoyable and so worth all the hours of organisation that had gone in before. Financially – we are still waiting to confirm details but it is definitely looking like we have made very close to $10,000 net.  We are delighted.

- Leanne, CGHS Fundraiser

Thank you! Had a Great time at the wedding! Everyone commented on the outfit and I felt great!!  Thanks again it was definitely an experience I wont forget!!

- Janine

Thank you so much for your help on Monday. I absolutely love the outfits I got. I have spent half the day wearing my new red shoes around the house to wear them in – they didn’t need it they are so comfortable.I am really excited about my paua shell outfit and have two social functions coming up soon to which I can wear my new outfits. I will be spreading the word. I was however disappointed on one aspect – the time went toooooo fast!

- Rachael

A most sincere thank you also for all the help and advice you have given to me and Samantha. Sam just adored the consultation she had with you and has already taken action. She also feels more confident about her looks and the clothes she wears and loves the colours of her Summer pallet. We”ve also gone and chosen some new softer framed glasses and contacts! I am so glad I made the move to contact you when I saw your ad and it’s the best money I’ve spent in years! I think I’ll be booking you again to help me shop for my winter wardrobe when the season looms as I’m not fond of the cold and have a mental block about what to wear.

- Jennie

A total makeover experience starting with a colour analysis, then a style analysis and a very refreshing wardrobe cleanse (may I never look at those old clothes again), followed by a fantastic shopping trip to fill in the gaps in my wardrobe. Thanks for giving me the courage to restyle my hair and making me look much younger in the process. Now clothes are suited to my body shape, my sense of style and of course to my lifestyle. Thanks for your wonderful guidance Steph, I wouldn’t have done it without you

- Sara

The Lincoln University Recreation Centre Summer Fashion Parade was a hit with over 200 people packing out this event. Steph showcased the latest fashions from a range of clothing and accessory retailers. The models were from Lincoln University Recreation Centre and all underwent makeup and hair makeovers thanks to Face Stockholm and Niq James Hairdressing. Two members of the Recreation Centre were transformed, including a body makeover through the rec centre whilst Steph and her team worked their magic with clothing, hair, makeup and much much more. $1200.00 was raised for Ronald MacDonald House South Island and the event was a success thanks to Steph and her team.

Anna Luhrs –  Lincoln Recreation Centre, Oct 2009

- Anna , Fundraising Events

Thanks for this arvo.
I have just hung up my purchases and am excited to wake up in the morning and decide what to wear!!!

- Bex

I just loved what I achieved with Stephanie on Tuesday. I now have a clear idea of my uniform and it is all under way so that I can wear it.  I have an outfit for every occasion that I can foresee and feel confident about putting several different versions of each outfit together with a few really good items of clothing coupled with some everyday complementary garments. I have a lot to thank you for.  I am also mindful that I will need more help as I move forward so am looking forward to your support.

I really have waited 6 years to undertake this transformation and realise that it will take me a few years to become confident with outfitting myself and ongoing replacement and keeping up my wardrobe so that I can feel comfortable dressing to go out.

I have never enjoyed shopping for clothes and had a taste on Tuesday that I may come to enjoy the process!!!!  Scary

- Serena

Thanks Stephanie for your advice and expertise. I especially valued the wardrobe audit and the shopping excursion. It was so good to be able to get rid of the old and in with the new. I would have never tried on the red dress and jacket without your advice – so thank you again it looks great.
Look forward to working with you in 2011.

- Angela

In June 2010 the Ellesmere College PTA held a night of fashion tips for teens and parents with Stephanie Rumble

This event was a fundraiser, to help the College purchase COWs – Computers on Wheels. Having attended a previous event of Stephanie’s – the PTA decided to have a fashion event involving the students and teachers of the college – incorporating our school motto “Strive for Perfection “ into our event title- “Strive for Style”. Something new and different for our community.

With the help of the PTA and College, Stephanie and her crew auditioned and rehearsed 12 students as models of teenage winter styles.

We had asked for volunteers from our staff – to be part of the secret reveal on the night. From this Stephanie worked with 2 teachers and the Chairperson of our school board over a 4-week period on their personal makeovers – With Stephanie’s expertises in style and fashion and with the help of our local hairdresser and makeup artist all in the deepest of secrecy – the mystery was revealed on the night to a crowd blown away by the results.

It proved to be a huge success! With raffles throughout the night, an auction of donated goods from our local business community and the takings for the night we raised $11,000.00 – far exceeding our goals and to the delight of the school and now the students using all the new ICT equipment.

Stephanie’s ideas, professionalism and fun factor made having and organising this event a real thrill for all involved and we know our community is still talking about what a great night it was.

- Anita, Strive for Style, Ellesmere College fundraiser

Firstly I just wanted to say thanks heaps for everything that you put in to Destination Style. We have had SO MANY positives at school from staff, students and parents about how well the evening went and how interesting it was. Also, every female on the staff seems extremely envious of Karen and I and the expert advice we got from you and Niq James, Face, and Savoir. I’m quite into this now after all the compliments!

- Genevieve

Thanks Stephanie, wow what a great time and experience to have this metamorphosis take place under your guided eye! I love my red coat and many people commented on the colourful pieces I got!! I now have a better idea when I head out to shop of what colours and styles to go for, thanks to you!

I would recommend this experience to everyone!

- Jeanne

I hate shopping for clothes. The thought of finding something for my daughter’s wedding was a nightmare. Stephanie made it so easy. She talked to me, went out and selected some garments and brought them to my house so I could try them on. She was honest in her appraisal, listened to my insecure mumblings and encouraged me to try different ideas. The result…I felt absolutely fantastic at the wedding and my 4 daughters all loved my outfit.

- Tina

Stephanie helped me put together a wardrobe for the 2007 Addington Race Day Best Dressed Men’s competition.
Her confidence and friendly personality made the entire process easy and enjoyable. Her sense of style and attention to detail gave me the result I was after: a sharp, fresh and modern look. I made the final of the competition as a result which I was very pleased with. I warmly recommend her to anyone considering getting a new look. Stephanie will almost certainly get you noticed if that is what you want!

- Jeff



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