Style in Schools

Style in schools is a comprehensive education program that provides real, practical information and advice on personal image to male and female year 13 or transition to work students. The current program runs over three sessions that are tailored to fit the timing needs of the schools. Typically schools choose to complete the three sessions to fit with the school terms.  Sessions one and two build on themselves throughout the year. Session three is designed to stand alone and is appropriate for year  12 and 13 students.

Upon successful completion of the three sessions students will:

  1. Understand and apply the basic principles of dressing well to attract positive attention.
  2. Students will  learn how to build a life they love by creating a positive reputation to take them to the workplace and beyond.
  3. Know how to choose a flattering, well fitted outfit for their school formal and  how to behave in an appropriate and attractive manner.

Style in schools offers a tailored program for each of the following:

  1. Coed students
  2. Single sex female schools
  3. Single sex Boys schools

In 2015 Style in Schools was delivered to 19 High Schools around New Zealand of all decile rankings and to both co educational and single sex schools including two boys only schools.

Style in Schools is gratefully sponsored in part by Westfield New Zealand.  In 2015 their sponsorship meant that students all over New Zealand were able to experience the program.