Mens Styling

First impressions matter…

Our mens styling services are a great way for men to save time, keep up with current trends in mens clothing styles and cultivate the elements of personal style that every man should have.

BrightRed offers a unique service that helps men to capitalise on their assets. Stephanie will assist you to make the correct shopping choices according to the four most important garment purchasing principles: colour, line, personality and lifestyle.

You receive a personalised, quality wallet-size palette of your colour swatches identifying your suit, shirt and tie combinations with a selection of shades for your casual wear. Advice on hairstyle and eye glasses to suit your face shape and wardrobe coordination is given in the consultation.

Shopping is an art and a science. You can either have a guru accompany you in your shopping expeditions or you can just leave it for the expert to do it all for you… the choice is yours!

If shopping is not your thing you have the option for Stephanie to select your clothing prior to the consultation. This service will take the guesswork out of how to shop, what to shop for, where to shop, and how much money to spend.