Body Shape Analysis

Every ‘body’ is different

The life you live, what you do, your bone structure and colouring all come together to create your body as it is today.

Understanding the proportions of your body is key to selecting clothing shapes and styles that work for you and discarding those that don’t.

Based on your vertical and horizontal proportion measurements we give you advice on the most flattering necklines, skirts, shorts, trouser shapes, jackets, swimwear, accessories, and hem lengths plus much, much more. Every aspect of clothing is covered so you can be certain of what will flatter you and what you need to avoid.

A personalized, online style program is created during the consultation that you have unlimited access to for life. The images are live and updated regularly so you can see what works for you. Check out the link below for a sample of what its all about…

Cost: $280 (consultation can take from 1.5 – 2hours)