Spring Look, How to Cover the Winter Cover

Like myself I am sure that many of you have embraced the winter months with the excuse of it being too cold / wet/ snowy/ windy etc to get out and exercise. Well the result of this for many of us is a little extra winter cover on our bones! There are two ways to deal witht his – one is to step up the exercise, watch the food and burn it off…


Wardrobe Sorting

So you have sorted out what stays and what goes… How do we get it all back into the wardrobe with minimal fuss and so it looks styley and you can find what you need…


Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Oh yes the sun is out, we have all been shaken to our cores with this earthquake. So what better time to get your summer clothes out and look to spring clean your wardrobe again. Here are some of the top tips I have for cleaning out your wardrobe and making way for the new spring purchases…